Ford SUVs


A mixture of SUV and a Smart car is one of the ways to think about the Ford Ecosport. There’s a certain capable, go anywhere attitude about it.


New models include the 2021 Bronco and the 2021 Bronco Sport, as well as the Mach-E. It might worry some people that the pictures tend to be computer generated images, rather than actual photographs.

Cars can be photographed before they go into pre-production, though it is a more expensive way of doing things. You can produce a car before they go on sale to the general public, but for some reason they don’t. It’s something we’ve had to get used to.

According to the Ford website, the Sport is more designed to be “adventure-ready.” Both have an EcoBoost engine, which means it is turbocharged, but also that it’s a gas engine, rather than electric. There are Hybrid Ecoboosts available, but Bronco Sport isn’t one of them.

The original Bronco was much more box-like than the 2021 model, though it does keep the grille and some of the flat body sides. Though more compact, it was still considered a SUV, bearing some similarities to CJ-5 Jeep and Dodge Ram Charger. Even today the Bronco keeps to its Goes Over Any Terrain original slogan.


We referred to the Mach-E above, a big selling point of which is the All-Wheel drive and its ability to accelerate with some style. If you prefer you can also use the front axles, or alternately the back axles. It’s big selling point is the Mustang power. Like the Bronco, it is using an animal analogy here.


For those who want a plug-in hybrid, you might consider the Kuga, the full hybrid will be available in the last quarter of 2020. “Full Hybrid” may seem a contradictory term, they do hold some electric charge but can rely on the usual combustion engine too. Given its the usual version, why did Ford start with the Plug-In?

There is also colors like a Chrome Blue (a metallic version of that specific tone) and three choices of silver-Moondust Silver, Diffused Silver and Solar Silver-moondust being the lightest shade. There is an opportunity to build your own Kuga online and observe how it looks on the road.

Though there is more choice with the Kugu than the Bronco and the Bronco Sport, the Broncos do appear to have more character and may be better designed for those with families. Apart from having clean fuel, it’s hard to grasp the personality of the Kugu. Shouldn’t clean cars also have a personality? Or do too many characteristics confuse the buyer. Still Broncos have the edge.

Given that Bronco delivers both sports AND utility they could be impossible to beat in this class, though the Mach-E gives them a run for their money. Only time will tell if the new Bronco garners the kind of cult following the earlier models enjoyed. Many people prefer a specific generation of Bronco so these new models will have to earn their spot like all SUVs.


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